January 13, 2009

Study leave activities

Why do they call it study leave- will anyone study during that period especially if they are in college.For me study leave is the time when I discover new passions - no matter how stupid they are . I had never thought about it before, but during the studying leave before our s5 university exam( its going on now)i e a few weeks before, I found something that really startled me.Having nothing else to do, I got out of our house ( I am staying with my friends in a rented house near our college)- opening the text was out of the question, being a certain shortcut to a deep nap. After staying there for a while I found myself singing to the sound of a squirrel. That was really odd I never sing or had anything to do with music.This was what really forced me to think- it was true, I always found something to do during study leave time. Previously it was reading and painting. The novels I had read during my 10th and 12th board exam time was numerous. After getting into college, it was pencil drawing. Right now I have completed one and have started another. This time one extra passion has arosen- blogging.i spend most of my daytime reading blogs from my mobile. I found the strain it was giving my eye far better than that provided by those boring text books.
Right now, I am lying in my bed scribbling down these on a diary while my friends are there in the hall- studying.. well actually studying to do so. This reminds me of one of my friend, have exactly the same problem. He never opens his text book - even at the exam date.I think I am better, atleast I have learned something.
I believe atleast some of you had or are having the same feeling.Arent you?

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Sameera said...

My study leave just started.. I am on the look out for a new activity!! ;)