February 16, 2009

Second Life

I had no idea how our life can be influenced by others... but by having a peek at someone else point of view can infact greatly affect each of our decisions - no matter how strong they previously were.
Why im telling you this is that, I had, as you may have noticed from my previous post, decided to discontinue this blog. But a few weeks before, i met someone (through blog comments) and we started talking - actually we started of with a fight, but later on our discussion turned to blogging.. and i mentioned about this blog and why i discontinued it.
She was really surprised and was at a total disagreement at my decision..(certainly not the first time). She told me about her blog and why she started it - for the simple reason that she loved writing and wanted her opinion any views to be brought to others. She also told me how she loved browsing through personal blogs and looking through others point of view. She also hadnt placed any ads on her blog and didnt care a bit about about increasing traffic as well.
It made me think.. i mean a lot! I had actually forgotten the reason I started blogging. The urge to get more traffic and greed to get income through ads had ruined the actual purpose. I felt ashamed of myself for being like that... and i wanted to make a difference.
Now im bringing it back to a new beginning, where i can share my thoughts and views with the world and caring about nothing else.
I hope this eagerness lasts till the end.. i mean for a long time. Wish me luck guys( if you have taken the pain to read till this.)


vegetarianzoe said...

Hi! Your two last post made me smile as I somehow recognised myself. And I do agree, just forget about those damn traffic indicators and give your opinion. even if it's just to say hello guy I'm alive today it's reading. I blog for me...I try to keep track of my recipes so that I can redo some when Bear asks. And sometimes, I just get depressed and think it isn't worth blogging anymore. Then, I need a recipe, and than motivation comes along.
I find your blog through the alphainvention!
I didn't have time to go further in your blog yet.

AMAL BOSE B.S said...

its was really encouraging...

anupama said...

dear amal,
i'm happy you could enter to your second life.GOD takes care of us in the form of parents,friends,siblings,children..................
i had experienced the low feelings when the traffic indicator doesn't rise!
imagine about the self satisfaction we get after writing one post!it's awonderful feeling!
we can be proud of ourselves!
never ever think of putting a full stop as you deserve greater heights!
good luck!regards and congrats to your friend.

Sneha said...

I think the wisdom has lit upon you and that will keep your mind away from diverting from your objective.
I try to blog for myself and once in a while when i go through my old post i feel a sense of pride and satisfaction over having continuing a journey of thinking and commenting on different issues that i come across.

wish u all the best keep bloging.:)