January 17, 2009

The Drug called Music

Its often said that music has the power to influence human soul.I have never actually thought about it before, but now I find it perfectly true.
It was several years before that I got interested in Rock music, before that the only songs I enjoyed were classical or melodious type and considered Rock music ( especially Hard Rock) to be something really loud, annoying and angry type, without any real content.
It was my brother who introduced me to Rock, that too Linkin Park. He asked me to watch just one album - In the End. It was a real turning point - I became an instant fan of Linkin Park and through them Rock music. The main thing I found fascinating about Linkin Park is their selection of topic. The songs - Numb, Faint, Crawling etc were unbelievably wonderful with a really rich lyrics and the voices of Mike Shinoda and Chester. It was like singing about me or someone I know, the topics or should I say problems felt so familiar. Every album makes you think about various things - yourself, others or this world in general.
Their way of presentation too is top class. It was from them I got screaming technique. Scream out your sorrows, not literally. I find this urge to scream out when ever I am under stress. Well what I do is imagine myself to be screaming out like in the albums, I think it works.
Im not very sure if its right or not. Sometimes though I feel like being under some drugs or something.
Then came Evanescence!
It gave a complete makeover for my attitude towards Gothic art and music. I was not at all comfortable and interested in Gothic art, it gave me a creepy feeling. It felt so alien and fearful. But after hearing Bring Me to Life, I felt like... I dont really know. It was really fantastic. My other favourites from Evanescence include Going Under, Missing, Everybody's Fool,My Immortal - Going Under being the favourite, thought everyone maynot approve of its visualization.
But even though I like all these, my most favourite songs are still melodious type. Almost all old Malayalam movie songs comes under this category and in my playlist too.
The one thing I learned from all this is that, "you cannot judge anything from the general package without getting to really know it". I am sure its the same with people too.

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