January 17, 2009

For the People?

Everyday you get to see a lot of things around you, both pleasing as well as revolting. Some of the repulsive things may haunt us for the rest of the day or even longer. One such incident happened to me a few days ago.
I was returning home after my university exams by bus contrary to usual practise of taking the train. I dont really remember where, but in some bus stand I had to see a really terrible scene. An old man was lying face down on the roadside. It was a really hot afternoon, and he was lying there without even a shirt. Actually he had a shirt which was lying close to him.Im not even sure if he was consious or not, but his bare back was really dark and full of sweat.
It was a really disturbing scene, I mean, I cannot in my wildest dreams imagine someone I know in his position.
I'm sure he was a beggar - there was a few coins scattered by his side. Why was he torturing himself like this? To get some extra cash? That may not sound like a genuine reason, but when you think from their postion, you may find an explanation. People will do any thing to vanquish their hunger.
Who is to be blamed for this? Like every time, I found the easiest one- an open goal post- the government. Arent they the one to be blamed? What can we do about it? Giving a few Rupees to them every now and then isnt gonna do any good.Ive heard of many government run old age homes or orphanages working here. What are they doing? Running an inn? And there are many Non Governmental Organisations too. What for? This is not about old people alone, There are countless number of small children lying in the streets. We all talk about children being the future of our nation. Arent they included in it? Shouldnt they be given education so as to serve our country well?
All that the government is doing is modifying or building a few roads or buildings, blaming each other, foreign visits, a bit more blaming.. They should care more about the people than anything else.
All they ever do is to gain some votes in the next election, they why should they care for those who doesnt have an ID card?
Why is my country like this? Will it ever get better?
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