January 13, 2009

Recognizing a Genius

A.R Rahman doesnt need an introduction, he has been a part and parcel of Indian music since 1995. But why did it take so long for him to get global recognition.For those of you who havnt got the news(I dont think anyone would have missed it, but still) - A.R Rahman has received the Golden Globe award for his work in 'Slumdog Millionaire'.
I have done a search for A.R Rahman in Google Blog Search and got into a few blogs. From what I saw it was pretty clear that foreigners have never heard of him, even though they appreciate his work.According to rediff, he had sold over 200 million cassettes- more than Madonna and Britney Spears combined. Still he remained in the background. Why is that?

I think its the same with our movies too. We have ( actually used to have) far better films than the ones getting all these prestigious awards.(At least in some languages) Why are we not alongside with them? But I think the condition has certainly improved lately - atleast we are starting to get noticed.
Now a bit about A.R Rahman.
During my school days, I never really gave any attention or cared about the singers or music directors an all. I just listened to music and that was it. But later when I started to know about them, especially A.R Rahman, I realised one thing- that majority of tamil songs that I liked was the creation of this exceptional genius. I mean, look at some of his works like that in Roja or Bombay-truly the work of a genius.
But still why has the rest of the world took this much time in recognizing this genius.
What do you think?

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