January 13, 2009

Electrocuted Electricals

Which is the worst branch in engineering field?
The most common answer would be The Electrical branch.
This is not for any particular college or university, but common to all - a real burden for all the unlucky souls who took the " girl's branch".
Its always the Electrical branch to start the classes first after university exams, merely a day or two after the last exam- the other departments getting over a weeks. And regarding mass bunks too, its the same, the mechanical teachers are more lenient or in other words more understanding. After all they were once in our position, right?
The same is the case with sessional marks too.. The highest we would ever get would be around 350 but for mechs an all its a whooping 370-380. Keep in mind that they are known mainly for their mass bunks. But there too the electricals are at the loosing end.
But the most heartening thing is their behaviour during practical exams. The externals in most cases will be kind and passionate.I have had 3 lab exams so far and in all the cases the externals were nice to us, the problem is the internals.
During our s3 electrical workshop exam one of my friends had a little trouble getting the output and he told the internal about it. This is how she replied-" Not getting the result ha? Dont worry, you will get it right next year"
How can she be so cruel, she was our staff advisor and besides that she asks us 5 times a day to treat her like our mother.
Mother! yeah right.
Im sure my mother would never do something like this to me, she maynot help me but she would atleast show some kindness or sympathy.
Most of us face these kind of experiences, we cannot see any sign of kindness in their eyes. They want us to fail,and they are not hiding it either, with the lame explanation that only the best need to pass. Well if it was like that, they why is that we are the only one suffering...
It makes me wonder if taking electrical for engineering would qualify to be in my list of bad decisions.

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