January 13, 2009

Stranger or not?

I regularly travel by train during weekends while going home.As its just a 1-2 hour trip to Kollam, I dont get to meet or get into conversation with others. In most days I would be alone allowing me to indulge myself in novels or listening to music.
But not that day- a middle aged woman came and sat near me and started a converstion. She was a really nice woman and my guess is that she might be a teacher or something. That was when a snack salesman came and she bought too pazham pori ( banana fry) and offered one to me.I really had no idea what to do. Considering the recent happenings in train you are not supposed to accept any eatables from strangers. But there she was offering it to me. I didnt know where to put her- stranger or not? I was 100% sure that she had no bad intentions and besides that I had nothing valuble with me - all I had in my bag was some note book s from college.But I refused it saying I was not hungry. She said that she bought two because of me and cannot eat both. I had to refuse it and felt really really bad seeing her expression. She was really depressed and my condition was far worse.I mean if you think in her view, she is right. She was hungry and therefore had to buy something to eat, at the same time could do so we me sitting there( after all we had a bit of talking before).
I encounter a lot of similar situations where both the choices you are offered are equally bad.One another situation was me in somewhat the same state as the lady before.I dont remember the exact event, but I was travelling in a passenger train and bought something to eat as I was alone in that compartment. But just before the train had started it was completely occupied. Two small children were opposite me with their father, staring at me holding whatever I was eating( I think it was lays). I cannot offer them mine( firstly it was against the rule,besides it was half eaten) and couldnt eat it myself either.In the end I had to fold it and keep it inside my bag...
Im not sure what I have done was right or wrong, in both cases. But it was what came to my mind first...What do you think??

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Satyu said...

hehehe...well..I dont knw wht should I say..but..you must have accepted the banana fries and tell her that you will have it after sometime..she will atleast feel happy :)

And about the kids..lols..you did a right thing by keeping git inside rather than eating before those two kids;)

keep smiling :)