January 13, 2009


" Dont worry man, it will be alright. Nothing bad is gonna happen to you." How many times have you heard this. Every one insists on being optimistic. But let me ask you, can it do any good to us?
Being optimistic does only one thing to us - It makes us feel better, well that is good but being overoptimistic can be really disastrous.An optimistic person expects the best things to happen to him in contrast to a pessimistic person who expects the worst. The advantage the latter has is that he understands the bad things avaiting to happen and take the necessary precautions. In other words he prepares for the worst neglecting the " hope for the ..." part.
So the best thing for us is like they have said in the movie " The Bourne Ultimatum" is " Hope for the best and prepare for the worst" But I think its easy for a pessimist to implement this motto to the full extend. The optimist believes in a better thing to happen so may not be very keen in taking the precautions. The pessimist on the other hand is pretty sure about the bad future and so will be more cautious in taking necessary precautions.

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Vijay Khaitan said...

I am afraid, I have different viewpoint. It is only the perception that differs. It does not change the situation. A pessimist person thinks negatively and constantly is worried about the failure whereas the optimist person is hopeful and so is motivated to perform. He is not afraid of failure.