March 24, 2009

Here comes the bride...

The first wedding I remember attending was my Uncle’s while I was just 8-9 years old. And that event left me with a lot of questions the most confusing of which was
"Why was the bride crying after saying good-bye to her relatives? After all their house was just a short walking distance from each other."

Though I got a rough idea after all these years, it was only today afternoon that I really got to know the exact feelings.

As usual I came to my room today after bunking the afternoon class and saw the movie The Father of the Bride on Star Movies. It was one of the famous movies that Ive kept in my watch-later list.
I had always thought it was hard for the daughters to move out from their parents after marriage, but the hardship from the part of the parent hardly gained my attention.
To be frank, after watching the movie I was terribly frightened to have a daughter – but I absolutely want to have one. But letting go... I can’t even think of it, even now.
I know I’m a bit young to be thinking about my daughter’s marriage (have got a long list to get through before that… getting out of college, finding a job, meeting someone, getting someone, getting married, having kids and then their marriage... a really long list.) but I know one day I would be there in George Banks’ (Steve Martin) shoes.
I don’t know what to say, its terrible isn’t it?
So terrible that I find myself saying OMG every time I think about it, which is weird because I happened to be an atheist.
How can anyone accept the sad truth that someone whom you have loved so much (and in reverse too) is one fine day no longer yours.
This movie says it all.
I really hate that part of life where you have to let go of those whom you love the most.


Dhanya said...

ha ha What about the feeling of your would be wife during your marriage?

NEHA said...

Amal i wonder if you would be crying instead of your bride on your marriage :))) But truly, its obviously difficult

Trinaa said...

waaaaaaaah! m not gettin problem of having kids n then letting them go!

Amal Bose said...

this would be wat she s thinking..
" father? father who??
i dont need anyone when ive got amal!"

no..definetly not for mine.. but there is a great chance that i would do it for my daughter's..if i have one..

that was my first reaction... :)

Pesto Sauce said...

Sad but true

Those you love have to be let go one day

Lena said...

its not like you let them go forever, right? Of course it will be different but everyone got to live their own life, thats what we got to accept :)

Deepika Gupta said...

he he he... nice one... but before your future daughter's marriage you'll have all the good moments with her.... And life prepares us for everything... :)

Amal Bose said...

Pesto Sauce, Lena
quite true.

but the more you love ur child, the more sad you would be..
lets face it, life is like that!

Gopal G. (Gkannan) said...

Probably as you grow up further, your priorities too will undergo changes for the better. You will then think of most practical and safe ways for your daughter, which you will agree with me will be encouraging her to start her own married establishment under the care and affection of her husband and her children. You too will then enjoy their company as well as the happy family atomosphere. Yoru present thoughts and feelings are just transient and will disappear soon. God bless you.

Adding you to my Friends list. Email

Anonymous said...

Letting go is sometimes the hardest.

"Why was the bride crying after saying good-bye to her relatives?" question has engaged my childhood too. To think of it now, it's rather funny! :-D

Tina said...

Never thought about it, but I don't think it's sad. Your daughter(future daughter) could come back to have dinner with you or something, she won't disappeared:)

chhavi said...

I really liked the post and yes its is kinda odd to empathise at this minute and when the times comes you dnt get to know what is going on ...

Sayuri said...

It is sad, but she can come back and spend time with you.

Though it's sad, every father 'dreams' about giving her away to a suitable guy.

Ever though what would a father feel, when her daughter runs away with some ****.

And 'Gone forever'from life is something I can't even think about people whom I love & care, but that's also inevitable. So may be we would get the strength to over come those moments.