March 6, 2009

The Invisible Labyrinth

Everything and everyone around me tells me that we live in the best of times..There was an article in this month's Readers's Digest about it giving reasons for it like reduced work hours, technological developments, and even a more peaceful society (...?).

But I always fantasied about being born long ago.. probably in the middle ages,I think that was the time we had more freedom.. as an individual.

Stories about ambitious men following their passion or dream had always caught my admiration. It is true that we have had large scale technological development after that period, but at the same time we have created an invisible labyrinth around ourself, doing just what we are supposed to do..

No more following your dreams, just following the crowd.

Most of us walk within these allowed paths right from childhood till our ends..
From as long as I can remember, I have been doing the same thing... waking up in the morning and going to school and coming back in the evening..almost all days of the year. I thought it would change after I get into college..but No..College was no different.
What about after college?

The only thing I can see is the same old invisible labyrinth that is restricting me from being who I really want to be. After college I would probably be placed in some company.. again doing the same thing I all these years.. going out in the morning and coming back at night. The same labyrinth but with a different pattern.

How can anyone enjoy life inside such a cocoon? We celebrate after freedom every year, but forgets the numerous ways by which we are encapsulated.
Unfortunately, I along with all around me are forced to followed path prescribed by the well oiled machinery.

May be this is what they refer to as developed civilization.. but i would call it prison service!


Paige said...

Well, isn't that the function of a civilized society? To restrain people into acting civilized? I hold no grudge against the civilized society but isn't the society also the reason why people want to break free from it? Isn't it sometimes the driving force to create your own identity and deviate from the bandwagon?

I like the picture by the way.

Deepika Gupta said...

Hey i agree we got a path to walk but its never imposed on us... you can still pursue whatever you are willing too but strong will is required.. you should learn to love things around you.. coz what you have today will be a memory tomorow and the best is to make it beautiful rather than bitter its all in ur hands... trust me!! just try it.... don't chase life just love it... And it will follow you!!!

AMAL BOSE B.S said...

thanks for the feedback but does being civilised means that we all have to be like one.. all doing similar things???

I agree that its not imposed on us, but we all have to follow it..other wise we ll be left alone or isolated..
all we do is get past school, get into college and pass out of it with a job in hand.. n thats it.. its not easy to be different.. especially these days.

Shimmer said...

we all have our freedom, but only some of us use it. you chose who you want to be

there are a lot of things imposed on us directly and indirectly that make us what we are, lost, stressed and boring. we usually forget to be happy with whats around us and fail to notice the joy in our life expecting for something great/greater (which is also defined by the society). it indirectly restricts you from living life in your terms, which we rarely notice,

what a crappy society :P

amalbose said...

@ shimmer
guess we have to be happy with what we have right?