February 26, 2009

Another tough day

The dream ended abruptly and i was taken back to the conscious world.
As an early riser, i often wake up a little earlier than the alarm time. So i on my bed, waiting for the alarm to ring. But nothing! i took my mobile n looked at the time.
11:55 pm
Cursing myself, i somehow got out of the bed to get some water - only to find the water jug lying empty in the fridge. More curses..
After getting water from the tap, i went back to sleep.. have got a really tough day ahead - a real nightmare in the form of university lab exams.
With my previous experiences in the former semesters.. i was sure to blow this one too..
Waking up at 5.00, and going through the record one more time, was not doing anything to my confidence.
And there is a pretty good reason to that. I am .. well..ok with my studies and pretty sure that i knew the basics to get through the exam. But luck was never on my side during these lab exams. First time in s3, it came in the form of a damaged bulb holder, next time it was some thing i havnt found out yet!
Something heavy was growing inside my heart n making it hard to breath as time got more n more closer to 9 o clock.
Another thing about me is that, since my name starts with A, i will always the first one to have to do everything first.. whether it is giving speeches during my school days, or having lab exams.. i always have to get in there without even a clue on what to expect.
None of my housemates were having any exams that morning, and so i got out alone to a near by hotel for having breakfast.
But the weighing feeling on my heart and lungs was getting worse and i found everything to slow down..n all that i could think of was the previous experiences during lab exams..
I remembered reading somewhere (in this weeks Reader's Digest i think)that to get a nice productive mind you have to feel appreciate all good things u come across n that will make you happy and well.. release some sort of hormones that helps you think better or something..
Any way i took their advise and started appreciating every thing.. the dusty roads ( thanks to the water authority) the rotten food that i had to eat every single morning..n looking down on my shoes- my dusty pair ( forgot to brush it in my haste to get to clg).. began appreciating everything.. anything to get a cool mind.
Somehow i reached college n waited there with some of my friends.. the six unlucky ones to whom parents have done a really horrible crime.
More friends came, and with them more tough unanswered questions making the weight in my heart unbearable.. i moved away from them towards the exam room.. it was 9:30 already and the first six numbers were called in.
I entered.
and again the choosing ceremony.. we were given with 6 question papers faced down to choose from..well like always im still at the unlucky side. My number is 5 n had only 2 choices..well better than no 6 of course.
i glanced at the question.. some of the weight on me vanished..the question was easy... knowing the answer is just the first part in a lab exam.There was nothing incidental inside the lab... besides getting a damaged ammeter and having a really terrible viva.
Questions: 5
Answers : Nil
but still i was happy..
really happy..
im sure to get .. lets see.. above 60+ marks n im happy with that..
i got out with a heart so light that i feel like flying.. given some tips to those who were waiting outside i got out of the college.. i was so happy i wanted to give a treat to someone.. but fortunately i met no one i know..No unfortunately! i needed to share this happy moment with someone..
n i decided that it would be you guys..
well i dont have exams for another.. 4 days.. i have another one on Tuesday, but its not a problem..got another 3 days to start worrying...


Paige said...

haha I feel that way most of the time too.. especially with my exams..

Myraine said...

You have a very personal and unique style of writing. Surely, I will follow your posts.

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AMAL BOSE B.S said...

@ Paige: its good to know that i have company.. ;)
@ Myraine: thank you..

Tina said...

I like ur writing:)