February 24, 2009

Never say goodbye

Kabhi alvida na kehna.
What comes to your mind when you hear these words? Shah Rukh Khan and Rani walking through the snow, or something else from the movie..
But for me its none of them.. its my first year in my college.
When i first entered CET, i joined a private hostel near the college. But due to some ragging problems, a couple of my friends and i had moved out to a rented house in Keshavadasapuram. It was a newly built house and the owners had never lived there.So there was nothing in the house - not even basic furniture.. n we had to bring them all. But in the haste to move out of the hostel, we came even without setting everything ready. I remember the first day there.. One of my house mates, lets call him J.. he had brought an old tape recorder along with him, but had only brought one cassette with him- the sound track from Kabhi alvida na kehna. So we spent the first night in our new house lying on the floor listening to the beautiful songs from the movie. My other friend, H joined the other day ( The three of us had studied in the same school for 12 years and now had joined the same clg.. ) Even after staying there for several months no one bothered to bring another cassette, and all we heard was same songs from this film- and the amazing thing was we never got tired of it.
It was not only us that this song had an influence on.. but our neighbours as well.It was a family with three girls.. one of our age, one younger and the other elder. May be it was because we were playing it really loud, but any how, these girls - actually one of these girls caught this song and was singing it almost everytime. We could hear her song when we went out for college in the morning and when we came back in the evening. She had a really beautiful voice, but couldnt find out who was actually singing it for a long time n never bothered to ask .But we eventually found out! During the second year, we moved out of this wonderful house to a closer place to our college. But after that when ever i hear any song from this movie or see it on TV, it always bring back memories of this house.. our small chats at night, playing cards, trying to study for exams... everytime this song playing in the background.
I dont know why but always make me feel sad..its like losing a friend.. u know the desperate feeling when you have to say goodbye to a friend.. like i had to do after my 12th standard.

Your heart and lungs suddenly feels tight and rough and less flexible... making you gasp for more air. I dont know whether it was the song or the house or the company of my friends that makes me feel lost when i think about it now. Never had such a house or place influenced much like that.
It just became a remainder of our life there.. represented the good and the bad time we had.
Like its meaning..
never say goodbye... We can never say good bye to those wonderful memories.

(If you are not an Indian, and does know this movie or songs, listen to one of the songs from this movie..i assure you its definitely worth it)


Red_Devil said...

Great post dude...touching

amalbose said...

thanks man..

Hari said...

yeah good post da.....

Me too really miss those days.. living with you both.... Had some best days of my life... but we could've had a lot more fun right... and do ya remember the first time u got drunk!! hahahahaha.....!!!! never say NO boy...